“The Age of Beer” – The 10 Gallo-Roman summer appointments – August 1st

The 10 Gallo-Roman Summer Meetings – Every Sunday of summer from 2 to 6pm – Free with your entrance ticket. 

Take part in the lively days of our villa – Every Sunday of the summer as well as on July 21st! Meetings not to be missed!

“The Age of Beer”

Enjoy a guided tour of our “Age of Beer” exhibition. Whilst walking through our Roman gardens, you will discover the history of the beer brewing process.

Also attend a demonstration of our cervoise. How did our ancestors brew that ale ? What kind of ingredients and techniques did they use ?
So … ready to unravel the numerous secrets of this so much appreciated beverage ?

From 2 to 6pm
Entrance fees : Children : 6€ – Adults : 7,5€ – Seniors > 60 : 6,5€