Gallo-Roman Meeting 2019

On July 13th and 14th, Roman legionaries and Celtic warriors will stay at Malagne, the rochefort’s Archeoparc ! For one week-end, walk in the settlements of our ancestors, discover the life of the soldiers and craftsmen and be thrilled by the confrontations between Roman and Celtic soldiers !

Come applause Roman horsemen and bowmen during equestrian fights and demonstrations of archery or see a ballista in action !

You’ll also be able to meet and talk about their expertise with several craftsmen and, for a moment, to become yourself a mosaïst, a baker, an archer, a potter or even a coiner !

Taste the ancient bread of the baker, lot of plates coming from our roman buffet and, for the olders, our cervoise brewed as it was in Antiquity !

Stroll around the ruins of an ancient gallo-roman villa, discover its leisures and vegetable gardens and get acquainted with its unusual inhabitants : sheeps, horses, chicken, goats,…

A great number of activities will await the children : pottery, calligraphy, jewelry making,…

So, ready to go two thousand years back ?