Celebrate your birthday in Malagne!

Malagne is also an unique offer to celebrate an unusual birthday!

Malagne opens its doors for an animation “special birthday” for every child from 4 years.

This visit include :

  • A treasure hunt
  • Two practical activities to choose (according to the age : coil, felt, gallo-roman games, mosaic, jewels or rope factory)
  • A birthday party (you bring the cake, we offer a drink to every child!)
  • The hero of the day receives a Gallo-roman surprise and all the children receive a treat during the treasure hunt!

Practical information :

  • The total time of the activity is of 3h.
  • Birthdays happen on Wednesday afternoon and every Saturday
  • The group must be composed of between 10 and 20 children.
  • The presence of an adult is essential!
  • A reservation is required minimum 15 days before the desired date.

List of available workshops for birthdays :


Students will try coil pottery, a technique of climbing pottery with coils, that is to say small clay sausages rolled in the hands and superimposed on the base of the pot. How to superimpose will give a convex or concave shape. These coils are then smoothed with fingers to ensure the solidity of the whole. Students then perform a Gallo-Roman decor according to their creativity. When the work is completed, it must dry in the open air.

Gallo-roman games

Detour through simple or more elaborate games invented two thousand years. This workshop immerses students in the skin of young Gallo-Romans, making them discover their game world and the social role of the latter. Strategy games of chance, skill or mock the workshop offers classic games for all tastes. Students can compare their particular address in the Delta game and be strategic in the game of the 12 lines or even in the latroncule game, the game of Roman legionnaires. Fun guaranteed!
From 6 years


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce an often unrecognized use of wool, but also the care provided to the sheeps prior mowing them. Students learn all phases of the process, from the sheep to the hushed subject and some ancient tools related to this craft. Then they each realize a felt object and thus experience the magic of transformation of wool fibers in a felted material.


Students discover this ancient technique with different examples. They prepare their support and realize a small two-color mosaic stones (15 x15 cm). They will be based on a model proposed or give free rein to their imagination.

Do not panic, the plaster leaves when washed !


During this workshop, students can become aware of the importance of the rope in the Gallo- Roman times and understand the different materials used, whether they have a plant or an animal origin. They then initiate the manufacture of a cord by twisting hemp fibers. The class also build a long rope with the help of a stringing machine.


This workshop highlights the variety of used materials, manufacturing techniques and the usefulness and significance of antique jewelry.

Students have the opportunity to make jewelry with pliers and stretched metal by taking insipiration of historical patterns and the spiral of Triskel, a celtic pattern with three branches.