Experimental archaeology

Experimental archaeology is a major scientific activity on the site of Malagne .

Research, tools rebuilding and test phases succeed to one another to validate the experiments. Many essential steps before presenting the experiments to the public.

For example, after making bread oven according to archaeological information retrieved, it was necessary to try to understand its operation. Will be remembered from this experience: the oven preheating time, the cooking time of a bread, the type of obtained bread, etc. It is thus possible to be plunged back in gestures and habits of the Gallo-Romans.

Several experiments made in Malagne are world premieres. Examples include the development of ” Gallo-Roman ” beers  in an ancient type of micro brewery or the construction of a replica of the ancient vallus , the famous ” harvester of the Treveri ” and its use by Jouget traction at our harvests.

The main researh axes of Malagne

The vallus – harvestig machine

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The Corpus Equitum Legionis X Equestris

Roman cavalry of the 1st century AD

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The hortus – A roman garden

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