Livestock farming

The fields of Malagne are dotted with different species of cows, horses, sheep and goats grazing peaceably on the tender, green grass; Gallic, Roman as well as Gallo-Roman breeds are raised here. By breeding these animals, Malagne not only contributes to the preservation of endangered or rare species but also provides visitors with an authentic rendition of life on the villa in Gallo-Roman times.

The draught animals are an essential part of the experimental archaeology projects that are carried out in Malagne ; the donkey for example  tows the vallus (a Gallo-Roman harvester, unique to Malagne), while the cattle is used to test out the swing plough.

In Malagne, the Roman horses play an important part during our events and the jousting tournaments! Their impressive demonstration is performed in full harness, exactly as it was during the Antiquity. Malagne’s « Corpus Equitum » (Roman cavalry) is well-known for its impressive and authentic performances!