Malagne in Seed (1st and 2nd maternal)

Malagne in Seed is a program developed by our animation team to make it suitable for toddlers (1st and 2nd maternal). Compatible with additional workshops, it’s a playful and interactive module.

Basic module

Let’s go for a walk in the farm of Marius! This Gallo-Roman farmer has more than one trick in his sleeve! Become a small Gallo-Roman and use your 5 senses to discover gardens and animals! You will build a special relationship with them by caring them directly in their pens!

Practical workshops

Practical workshops that can be possible to combine with the Malagne in Seed module (according to seasons) :

Gallo-Roman bread

During the workshop, the group discovers cereals grownin Malagne and their uses in the Gallo-Roman era. You will also be able to identify the necessary ingredients required to make bread (flour, water, salt, honey, yeast) and implement them (mixing and kneading turns) before baking themm in an mud-oven of Gallo-Roman type. The children participate in the bread baking activity and of course to its tasting.


Students will try coil pottery, a technique of climbing pottery with coils, that is to say small clay sausages rolled in the hands and superimposed on the base of the pot. How to superimpose will give a convex or concave shape. These coils are then smoothed with fingers to ensure the solidity of the whole. Students then perform a Gallo-Roman decor according to their creativity. When the work is completed, it must dry in the open air.

Seed-sowing techniques

Thanks to a visit of gardens, students awaken their senses by discovering Gallo-Roman plant species. They will be able to see the diversity of plant uses of the time and understand their development cycle. Then, they will realize two sows with seeds of their choice, among a selection of Gallo-roman plants. In case of bad weather or in winter, the visit of the garden can be replaced by a game on the Gallo-roman plants followed by a tasting of herbal tea.

This workshop is available from March to July.